Published Work

Poetry (Online)

Faggot Regrets Not Coming Out Sooner.” Glass: A Journal of Poetry, december 12017
this man suit.” Glass: A Journal of Poetry, april 2018
Planting,” “Hookup, at your house,” and “151 rum, malibu, pineapple juice.” Contrary Magazine, april 2017
bedroom fight.” Rust + Moth, november 2016
after sex you said.” Sidekick LIT, november 2016
How to Tell an Origin Myth” and “Perennials.” |tap|, october 2016
Crossdressed in Rochestere, MN, I Consider my Reflection in a Bar Window.” Nashville Review, august 2016
Melancholy.” Red Paint Hill, july 2016
Aubude” and “Mirror.” Tinderbox Poetry Journal, december 2015
At an LA Wedding.” Noble / Gas Qtrly. december 2015
Angel of the Meridian.” Cleaver Magazine. december 2015
Eternal Calm.” Cleaver Magazine. september 2015
jouer au flipper.” Contrary Magazine. december 2014

Poetry (Print)

“Faggot Once Again Considers His Body,” “Self Portrait, with Faggot and Eyeliner,” and “In a Dream, Faggot and His Father Drive Up the Side of a Dark Obelisk.” Nimrod International Journal, October 2017

Creative Nonfiction

How to Grow Ginseng (Abridged).” Reservoir, august 2016.

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